Thread key insert heavy-duty M4-M16 stainless steel

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These stainless-steel key inserts are used for repairing stripped, damaged or worn threads. They can also be used to increase the pull-out strength. We offer a normal and a beefier heavy duty insert. The advantages of these inserts are, that they are flush mounted and secured against rotation. These inserts will not rotate if the part is assembled and disassembled frequently or if vibrations occur.

All internal threads are standard metric thread sizes (DIN13-1). Please use exactly the tap-hole size that is specified in below table, which is slightly larger than standard tap-hole sizes for metric threads. The external thread pitch differs from standard metric thread pitches for M10 and bigger. We also offer the suited tap drills in our webshop.

Drive in the locking pins carefully. If not special tool is used please ensure to drive them in straight.

Removal is easy. Just drill according to below removal data and bend the pins to the inside and break them off.

inside thread data outside thread data removal data
tap size (mm) pitch (mm) length (mm) tap size (mm) pitch (mm) tap hole size (mm) drill size (mm) drill depth (mm)
M4 0,7 8 M8 1,25 6,9 5,5 4
M5 0,8 10 M10 1,25 8,8 7,5 4,8
M6 1 12 M12 1,25 10,8 9,5 4,8
M8 1,25 14 M14 1,5 12,8 11,5 4,8
M10 1,5 16 M16 1,5 10,8 13,5 4,8
M12 1,75 18 M18 1,5 16,8 15,5 4,8
M14 2 20 M18 1,5 18,8 17,5 4,8
M16 2 22 M22 1,5 20,7 17,8 6,4


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Thread key insert M2-M12 stainless steel Thread key insert M2-M12 stainless steel
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tap drill M4-M22 HSS tap drill M4-M22 HSS
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"According to the § 19 UStG we do not charge VAT"
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