CNC Coolant Sprayer System

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CNC Coolant Sprayer System

This system can be used with most common coolants and is no fogging the collant, but spraying small doplets. The chance that these droplets reach the tool and the workpiece is much higher, than with other common fog sprayers. The needed amount of coolant is reduced and less coolant vaporizes to the atmosphere. This unit can be controlled vis the main valve and also at the nozzle directly, therefore offering optimal amount, drop sizes and sprayangles for your application. The cooling unit will decrease the wear on your tools and ensure a higher quality work piece finish. You can also use faster cutting parameters than with dry processing.

  • flexible positioning as needed
  • 1.2m coolant tube offers a filter and a backflow prevention valve (less run up time, after air is applied and less oozing after usage)
  • 8mm air inlet connection for 4.5 to 7 bar
  • air can be set high, so that chips are blown away from the workpiece as well
  • fine thread on the main valve including a nut to fix the setting

Do not breathe in the fumes during and after processing. DO NOT USE ANY FLAMABLE LIQUIDS FOR COOLING. RISK OF EXPLOSION!

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