Flexible Extraction Tube 75mm

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Flexible extration tube for setting up exhaust air system in production lines and workshops. This tube catches smoke, dust and gases right where they occur. Due to the easy position adjustment you will always have an optimal performance with minimal air flow and noise.


Typical application:

Coolant spray extraction for milling machines and lathes

Soldering fume extraction

Grinding dust extraction

Welding fume extraction

Chemical extraction (Please ensure material compatibility)


Right behind the intake nozzle there is a adjustable flap for volume flow control. In closed position the remaining gap is only a couple of millimeters. If you run multiple extraction tubes in parallel, you can only open the needed intakes and focus the suction performance to where it is needed.

The intake is out of flexible silicone. In case it will be squeezed by a moving axis or part, there is most likely no damage.


Length: 1m

Inner diameter: 75mm

Flap positions: 4

Flange outer diameter: 75mm

Minimum bending radius: 150mm

Intake dimensions: ca. 185*95mm


Material of tube: POM (heat-resistant up to 100°C)

Material des Fangschirms: Silikon  (heat-resistant up to 180°C)


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