200mm cnc DRO caliper for mill or lathe

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200 mm digital caliper with external Display with high grade quality and long cable

there are different qualities available for this products. We gurantee you the following accurancy:

  • 0-150 mm: +/-0.06mm
  • 0-200 mm: +/-0.08mm
  • 0-300 mm: +/-0.10mm



The total length is about 330mm. Fixation is done through two 5X10mm slotted holes.

Products from competitors claim up to 0.02 mm for 0-200mm length calipers. Please ask yourself if it is worth the extra bucks and whether or not your machine is rigid enough to use this advantage.


  • ON/OFF
  • ZERO
  • mm/inch: unit selection
  • ABS
  • SET: the function of the "set" button is for changing the "inch" display between 1 / 64th, 1 / 128th, etc. The function of doubling the displayed value (for example for lathes) is not available.

Delivery Content:

  • Caliper with fixations
  • 1,8 m cable to display
  • Display with 0.01 mm display accuracy, magnet or clip fixation possible
  • various mounting brackets (L-shape, Z-shape) for sled
  • display holdering clip, screws, batteries, strain relief (preassembled)


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150 mm cnc DRO caliper for mill or lathe 150 mm cnc DRO caliper for mill or lathe
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Delivery weight: 250 g
300 mm cnc DRO caliper for mill or lathe 300 mm cnc DRO caliper for mill or lathe
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Delivery weight: 1,000 g

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