Fishbone Gears Extruder kit (w/o Hot end)

Fishbone Gears Extruder kit (w/o Hot end)

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delivery content: Fishbone Gears Extruder kit made of PLA

•   1x Extruder Pulley

•   1x Extruder Idler

•   1x groove mount

•   3x 608zz bearing

•   1x Hobbed bolt for 3mm Filament

•   2x Springs

•   1x M8X20 grub screw

•   4x Ф8mm washer

•   1x M8 Nylstop nut

•   4x M4 nut

•   2x M4x50 screw

•   3x M4X40 screw

•   4x M3x12 screw

•   3x M3 washer

•   6x M4 washer

•   1x M3x8 screw 

•   1x M3 nut


This set is meant to be used with aluminum z-couplings, so the platic couplings are not included. All parts have been printed with 0,2 mm layer height and have not been cleaned after printing. You might need to remove the brim, re-drill holes or clean overhangs on some of the parts. The parts lower side is absolutely flat (no warping).



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