Kossel plastic parts

Kossel plastic parts

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delivery content:Kossel plastics set PLA w/o Hot End 


•   1 x End Effector

•   1 x Extruder

•   1 x Retractor

•   2 x Power Supply Bracket

•   3 x Bottom Vertex

•   3 x Top Vertex

•   3 x Vertical Carriage

•   6 x Endstop Holder

•   3 x Print Surface Holder


Plastic Set for building the Kossel 3D Printer. Futher Information can be found here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Kossel

All parts have been printed with 0,2 mm layer height and have not been cleaned after printing. You might need to remove the brim, re-drill holes or clean overhangs on some of the parts. The parts lower side is absolutely flat (no warping).

Please note that you will need additional parts like frame, electronics, a hot end, and so on to build a fully functional Kossel 3D printer.

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