Time Frame DIY set (black)


Time Frame DIY set (black)

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Mind-blowing gadgets are rare these days. Very seldom will you stumble across something truly magical that leaves you in a state of confusion and amazement.


Check out the full video: http://youtu.be/LlGywKkifcI

Assembly videos:

Part 1:  Electronics

Part 2:  Frame

Part 3: Winding the Coil

Part 4:  Final Assembly


  • mode switch on the back to select "slow motion", "distorted reality" and off
  • two knobs to change the brightness and the speed of the effect
  • warm-white LED light
  • only 10-15 W power consumption depending on brightness

This kits contains all parts you need to build your own TimeFrame.

  • Frame and all mechanics incl. enough copper for 2 coils
  • Electronic set incl. pre-programmed Arduino Nano
  • Power Supply
  • Detailed assembly instructions (24 pages)

The PCB assembly requires soldering skills and you will need to drill holes in wood and aluminum.

The Arduino comes preprogrammed. If you like to modify the software, please download the latest sketch from here:http://www.github.com/cubic-print/timeframe


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Time Frame Electronic Kit Time Frame Electronic Kit
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